Hab Stacks Cakes

Bringing a little sweetness to your everyday

About Us

Katie Haberstock

Like most bakers I fell in love with baking at a very young age always spending my time in the kitchen testing out new recipes. Growing up I chose a different path into the medical field as that was what I thought I "should do," but after completing a couple different courses I just could not find something that I was happy doing. Out on a whim I decided to take some local decorating courses and fell completely in love. Since then I have been hooked on practicing new techniques everyday and honing my skills in the process. Soon thereafter, Hab Stacks Cakes was born. Everyday our business grows with us growing right along beside it.

Randi Haberstock

I have always wanted to use my natural leadership skills to own and run a business. I've always taken on rolls of leadership throughout my life and with my drive and passion (and Katie dragging me along to cake class) I soon fell in love with the business of cake decorating and Hab Stacks Cakes was formed. Since then, I work on all the business and marketing aspects trying to get Hab Stacks Cakes to grow daily. Together we make an excellent team both providing strengths to the company.

Why Hab Stacks Cakes?

We get asked this question all the time as to how we came up with our business name. When we fell in love and knew we would be married, we decided we would both take the last name of Haberstock.
With that in mind, we went in search of our business name. We wanted something unique that nobody else would have and that would end up being a conversational piece. Well, how many people have the last name of Haberstock?
So we decided to pull from our new last name. We kept the Hab portion, but changed the stock to "stack" as you would stack a cake which was our dream.
Soon after we had a new business name and a story to go along with each conversation we end up having.